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titleThis Article Is For:
  • All users who have access to one/all of the following: pages, contests, and sidebars
  • This is applicable to: SoCast 3.0 Theme


  • Must already have a Google Ad Manager account (or a similar ad manager, approved by SoCast)
  • Must have already created and added the ad code to the Full Page Ad Slot In the Advertising Settings

  • New 'Full Page Ad Slot' widget, it is separate from the existing 'Ad Slot' widget
  • Only visible when the SoCast 3.0 theme is enabled in the client editor and is selected as the active website theme
  • Available only from the page editor
  • Not available for blogs
  • Not available for side bars, contests, or the Premium 1.0 player skin

This type of full page ad is the least disruptive while still achieving the impact required by advertisers. It does not need to have a close button or timed close, since it scrolls away. We don’t recommend ads that take over the entire experience and require users to close it manually. It’s disruptive to the user experience and will result in users leaving your website.

Designing the creative and the sizes for the full page ad is challenging. To have an ad properly “full screen”, you need to design an ad that will work full screen for different screen sizes and resolutions (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop). Each device has slightly different sizes so there’s an infinite combination. Within Google Ad Manager, we suggest you use the “native ad” type within a “fluid layout”. Another easier method is to design the ad in 2 different sizes: mobile and desktop/tablet, then let Google Ad Manager decide which to use.

More information on Google Ad sizes can be found here:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Widget Title: The name of the widget. The widget title appears in the WP Bakery for reference. 
  2. Page Contains Sidebar: Using the drop-down menu, select whether the page you're adding the widget to contains a sidebar or not. 
    1. The full page ad appears where this widget is inserted within the page.
    2. If a sidebar is selected in the theme settings for the ‘SideBar Above Full Page Ad’ option, that side bar selection appears above the full page ad.
    3. If no sidebar is selected above the full page ad, the body content on this page appears at full width.
    4. The sidebar assigned to this page, or the default side bar selection for the website, appears below the full page ad.
    5. If set to 'No' but the page does contain a side bar, the  the side bar may be cut off by the full page ad
  3. Extra Class Name: If  If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file.