Content Footer

  • This Article Is For: All users who have access to Blog Post Settings

  • This Is Applicable To: All Themes

Configure the content footer that appears below the content area on all blog post pages, above the website footer. The content footer can be used to help increase audience engagement by showing more relevant content and call to actions.

  1. Using the drop-down menu, choose from one of the available footers

  2. To create a custom footer, select ‘custom’, and then ‘configure content footer’

  3. You will be redirected to a ‘edit content footer’ area, to customize (this works similar to other content areas on the platform, such as pages)

How The Content Footer Works:

  1. Top Stories: most viewed stories published in the last 3 months.

  2. Trending: looks at "last" 2 hours. Displays articles that have more views in the last hour than in the hour before. Hours are fixed, not rolling blocks, e.g. 3:00-3:59. There is no publish date limit. Example: At 3:12pm, trending articles are articles that have more views during 2:00PM-2:59PM hour than 1:00PM-1:59PM hour (AND also had views in 1:00PM-1:59PM hour)