Mobile App

In this section you will find all Knowledge Base articles related to The SoCast Mobile App (i.e getting started, submission, theme, app advertising, push notifications etc) As well as, best practices, tips and inspiration.The SoCast App was designed to deliver the most engaging mobile experience to your most loyal fans while offering your ad partners unique advertising opportunities that deliver ROI.

SoCast currently offers two different versions of its mobile app:

  1. Single Tenant: SoCast's Single Tenant is an app with only one radio station stream and brand. These are common Apps for mid to large market stations.
  2. Multi-Tenant: SoCast's Multi-Tenant mobile app offers listeners access to multiple streams on one App. These are more common for smaller markets where the App is considered more of a community hub for the audience. It is recommended that if a Radio group uses a Multi Tenant App, that their website is also Multi Tenant format to maintain brand consistency and access to all stations.