Step #1: Set-Up Your Default Contest Settings

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have 'Promotions' permissions

  • This is applicable to all SoCast Themes

To set your your default contest settings, limitations and legal go to Promotions > Contests > Contest Settings. These settings will apply to all contests, unless specifically altered in the contest.


  1. Sidebar: Configure the appearance of the side bar on all contest pages. Inherits from 'Default Side Bar' in website settings. Set to 'inherit' to use default settings.

Entry Limitations

Configure the default entry limitations for all contest entry actions, unless otherwise customized for specific entry actions in the contest editor.

  1. Default Entry Frequency: Sets the maximum frequency that entries can be made for all entry actions. Weekly entries refresh on Mondays.

  2. Default Approval Required: Set to 'Yes' to require entries for all entry actions to be approved. Approval may be used to verify entry submissions and/or display certain entries in the contest entries list widget when it is inserted into a contest.

  3. Default Members Only: Set to 'Yes' to limit entries only to signed in members for all entry actions.

Configure the rules and restrictions for all contests.

  1. Configure the default contest rules shared by your entire company.

  2. Configure the contest rules for this account.


Configure the default notifications that are sent to staff for all contests.

  1. Default Notify On Contest Entry: Sends a notification when an entry is received for all contests.

  2. Default Emails To Notify: Enter one email address per line to send all contest notifications to, e.g.