Social Button Bar Element

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have access to one/all of the following: pages, blogs, contests, and sidebars
  • This is applicable to: All themes


  • The 'Social Button Bar' element is for sharing (recommended for blogs, contests, and events)
  • Not recommended for side bars or for static pages that listeners would not share

These are the instructions for filling out the 'Social Button Bar' element

Step-by-step guide

  1. Widget Name: This is the name of the widget showing in the Drag-And-Drop Editor. It will not be displayed on the website.
  2. Social Networks: Select the social network(s) you want to appear in the button bar. (press the "Ctrl" button to select multiple networks)
  3. Icon Size: Select the icon size of the social networks you've chosen. Choose from: Small, Medium or Large.


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