Last Played Element

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have access to one/all of the following: pages, blogs, contests, and sidebars
  • This is applicable to: All themes


  • Displays high quality iTunes thumbnail images


  1. Artist and song names now use "Default Text Color" on pages and "Side Bar Text Color" in sidebars
  2. The Last Played widget will only display updated information when the page is refreshed. it does not update on static pages.
  3. In order to avoid blank Artist/Album images it is critical that your system match iTunes for correct artwork to show when a title is played. 
  4. For songs with multiple or featured artists:
    1. ARTIST field uses & NOT and eg. Rihanna & Drake

    2. SONG field uses (feat. Artist) eg. Work (feat. Drake)

  5. If you syndicate a page/blog with the Last Played widget, it will display the syndicated website's song information (not the information for the website it was created on)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Widget Name: This is the name of the widget showing in the Drag-And-Drop Editor. It will not be displayed on the website.
  2. Display Title: Choose whether you’d like to have the title displayed by clicking “Yes” or “No” from the dropdown menu
  3. Last Played Offset: This defines how many songs will be omitted at the beginning of the play list.
  4. Display More Button:This defines whether or not to display the more button at the bottom of the play list.
  5. Extra Class Name: If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file.

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