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This Article Is For:

  • All users who have a SoCast account (Login & Password)
  • This is applicable to all SoCast Themes

 Before you use the SoCast Platform, a user should have already been created for you, you should have received an email with log in credentials. Once logged in you will need to ensure that you have your personal settings filled in as required. This information is used when posting blogs, creating pages, and sharing social posts.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to: Settings
  2. Click the 'Personal' tab under the Personal Settings section.
  3. Fill in the following required fields:
    1.  Full Name:
    2. Email: This is the email associated to your SoCast account, and is used for logging in.
    3. Password: Click 'Reset Password' if you wish you change your SoCast login password.
    4. Security Question: Select a question from the dropdown menu
    5. Security Question Answer: Fill in the answer that matches the security question you chose in in step 'd'.
    6. Timezone: Select your local timezone
  4. Click the 'Save' Button