Step #4: Local Listings Settings

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have: Manage Local Listings, Manage Local Listings Settings
  • This is applicable to all SoCast Themes


  • Must have already purchased the Local Listings product (If you would like this product, please speak with your Account Manager)

The Local Listings Settings are where you can configure the general and default settings for all listings pages e.g. restrictions, display options, etc.

All of the settings under this step will be set and and filled in with default settings, with the exception of the 'Email' tab. You do not need to change any of these settings for the Local Listings system to work, however you can edit these if you like to customize the experience.

Step-by-step guide

  1. There are 6 tabs you can view and customize:
    1. General: These are general settings such as labels, text, currency, listing and display options
    2. Pages: We ourselves have generated all the required pages and configured them right for you here. So, don't change these settings unless necessary. Mis-configuration of these settings may break the plugin from working correctly. So, care should be taken while editing these page settings.
    3. Payment Gateways: Here you can edit the general payment and offline payment settings. Currency settings under this section are used only to accept payments from your users. There's nothing automatic in this offline payment system, you should use this when you don't want to collect money automatically. So once money is in your bank account you change the status of the order manually under "Payment History" menu.
    4. Monetize: Edit your settings for enabling offline payments.
    5. Email: Edit your general Email settings, your listing submitted email, published/approved email, listing renewal, listing expired, renewal reminder, order created, order completed and listing contact
    6. Misc: Enable or edit social share settings, map settings, captcha, terms of agreement and permalinks
  2. As you go from tab to tab make sure you scroll to the bottom and click the 'save' button to update your changes