Local Listings FAQ's

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have: Manage Local Listings, Manage Local Listings Settings
  • This is applicable to all SoCast Themes


  • Must have already purchased the Local Listings product (If you would like this product, please speak with your Account Manager)

  1. Can the 'contact a listing owner' form be turned off/removed?
    1. We do not currently have this option, although it has been filed as an enhancement for the future
  2. If a listener can add listings, how do you avoid a false listing/closing?
    1. There is the option to moderate all submitted listings, so turn on moderation
  3. Can categories be set up to not show the "submit listing" form? (IE: in a directory, it's not open to public posting as a for sale section would be.)
    1. We do not currently have this option, although it has been filed as an enhancement for the future
  4.   Can you add custom HTML per category, like the blog/news categories?
    1. Each local listings category page is actually a regular page containing a classified widget. If you wish to make changes to this page and add HTML, you can do so by editing the page.
  5. Can the duration of listing be set per category?
    1. No, this is done globally across the entire system.
  6. Since school closings only last for a few hours, how do you turn them off?
    1. You can set the listing to published state and then set an expiry time for it
  7. When the set period to renew an expired listing comes and goes, does it delete altogether?
    1. No, it doesn't delete
  8. Do you need to use locations for school closings?
    1. No, locations are not necessary
  9. Can you provide an option for a business account? Such as car dealers and realtors?
    1. One person from the business can create a member account with the name of the business (as the name of the member.)
  10. Can we set some users (ie. car dealers) to be able to post their listings without requiring approval, but require approval for others?

    1. This option is not available.
  11. How do I bulk approve listings?
    1. Select the posts you wish to update. In the bulk actions drop-down select 'edit', then change the status to 'published'.
  12. Emails that are sent to the user from the local listings contact form come from this address: Wordpress <no-reply@socastsrm.com>via amazonses.com. How can that be changed?
    1. Currently this cannot be changed, this works the same as the current membership login process.