Comment Settings

This Article Is For:

  • Users who have "Blog & News" permissions
  • This is applicable to: All Themes


  • Ideally the Facebook moderation settings such as adding a Facebook App ID should be managed by either a Company or Station Admin with knowledge of the Facebook Developer Portal.

Enable blog commenting for your website with the option of using either the Wordpress commenting system or Facebook comments.

  1. Go to Blogs & News Settings> Blog Comments

Comment Provider:

  1. Provider: Choose from the following: Wordpress, Facebook or disabled.
  2. If Wordpress is selected: System will display the Wordpress commenting system
  3. If Facebook is selected: System will display the Facebook commenting system (by using the Facebook comments plugin)


  1. If Wordpress is selected: click the 'configure settings' button and configure your comment discussion settings on the next page
  2. If Facebook is selected: Choose one of the following options:
    1. No Moderation: Choosing this option means all Facebook comments will be automatically approved and publicly viewable
    2. All app administrators can moderate comments:  Choosing this option requires you to enter a Moderation Facebook App ID (which will need to have been created in Facebook developer) and requires you to add Facebook profiles as the app administrators so they monitor comments.
    3. Only specific users can moderate comments:  Choosing this option requires you to enter the Moderation Admin ID's of the Facebook Profiles you want to monitor comments. One Facebook user id per line.  To read more please visit:
    4. To find your Facebook user ID, please use the following steps:
      1. Log into Facebook
      2. Go to your profile (click your picture in the left navigation)
      3. Find the URL in the address bar (e.g.
      4. Your user ID the text immediately following the forward slash / (e.g. john.doe)