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Build web pages without a team of web developers. Our drag-and-drop interface makes page creation and maintenance easy. For users who want the flexibility of using HTML, quickly switch to the HTML editor and gain access to full customization options.

It is recommended that when building your website you start thinking about what pages you will need for your website. It is highly recommended that you start off making your website by adding pages that are going to be on your website. Also it is recommended you make a home page and assign it as a home page on the platform to begin seeing your website preview.


  • Drag and Drop Editor: Our page editor has a drag and drop interface that makes web page creation easy without the need to know HTML or CSS
  • Widgets: Easily drag and drop pre-made widgets onto your web pages to increase engagement. Choose from SoCast’s library of widgets made specifically for radio station websites, such as the Broadcast History Widget
  • Instantly share your pages to Facebook and Twitter from the page editor. Any pages you schedule to be published at a later date will also automatically be shared at a later date.
  • Pages can be scheduled for publishing but not expiry. This is because other sites might link to your pages so if they expire, links will go to broken pages. Instead, we also offer a Scheduled Content Widget that can be installed onto any page that can be scheduled for publishing or expiry. This widget can contain any content, i.e. text, photos, videos, other widgets.

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