Feature Rotators

This Article Is For:

  • All users with the 'Manage Feature Rotator' Permission
  • All users who have access to one of the following: Pages, Blogs, Contests or Sidebars
  • This is applicable to: All Themes


  • Perfect for running a series of images linking to: Internal or external events, Features, Breaking News stories, Station promotions and contests
  • Scheduling: Can be scheduled for publishing at a later date, or can expire at a later date

A feature rotator rotates images in a single grid. It can be added to any page, blog, contest or sidebar within the website. Feature Rotators are a great tool to use on your website's homepage, the homepage is where most visitors get introduced to your site. By incorporating a large Feature Rotator it draws attention to Contests, Sponsors, Morning Shows, Breaking News and Special Events.

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