SoCast AdServer: Getting Started

This Article Is For:

  • Sales Representatives
  • All users with 'Advertising Permissions'


  • Must have already purchased SoCast AdServer. If you are interested in purchasing the SoCast AdServer, please contact your SoCast Account Manager.

After you've logged into your SoCast Ad Server, please follow the instructions below.


Step #1 Adding Websites:

  1. Log Into your SoCast Revive Ad Server
  2. On the left hand side, click Websites
  3. Click Add A New Website
  4. Add your station website information:
    1. Website URL: enter the URL of your station website
    2. Name: Enter the name of your website (this would be the same as the name you have under website settings in the SoCast back-end)
    3. Contact: Enter Company Admin name
    4. Email: Enter Company Admin email/contact email
  5. Click Save Changes

Step #2 Creating Zones:

  1. On the left hand side, click Zones
  2. Click Add A New Zone
    1. Name: Should be filled in by default
    2. Description: Add the name for your ad. We suggest naming it the same as the platform. (i.e Leaderboard Ad)
    3. Zone Type: Select Banner, Button or Rectangle
    4. Size: Using the drop-down select an existing size, or use the fields to manually enter the size. This size should match the dimensions provided by SoCast in the Advertising Settings. (i.e Leaderboard Ad 728x90)
    5. Comments: This can be left blank unless you want to add a comment about what this ad is/for
  3. Click Save Changes

Step #3 Adding Advertisers:

  1. On the left hand side, click Advertisers
  2. Click Add A New Advertiser
    1. Name: Add the name of your advertiser
    2. Contact: Contact Name for Advertiser
    3. Email: Email for Advertiser (you can also enter your own email here)
  3. Advertiser Report: Only fill in if you want to send reports to your advertiser
  4. Miscellaneous: Only fill in if this is applicable
  5. Click Save Changes

Step #4 Creating Campaigns:

  1. On the left hand side, click Campaigns
  2. Click Add New Campaign
  3. Name your campaign
  4. Campaign Type: Choose from one of the following:
    1. Remnant
    2. Contract
    3. Override
  5. Inmost cases you'll want to use the 'Remnant' option. However please familiarize yourself with the other options available.
  6. Date: choose start and expiry dates for your campaign
  7. Pricing Model: Choose a pricing model from the drop-down. In most cases this will be CPM. Continue to fill in the rate/price and impressions if applicable.
  8. Priority In Relation To Other Campaigns:
  9. Delivery Capping Per Visitor: limit your campaign views if applicable by filling in the required fields.
  10. Miscellaneous: Fill in the miscellaneous settings if applicable
  11. Click Save Changes

Step #5 Creating Banners:

  1. On the left hand side, click Banners
  2. Click Add New Banner
  3. Choose Upload A Local Banner To The Webserver
  4. Name this ad unit and upload the ad/image
  5. Ad/Banner Link: include a target URL to the advertiser (if applicable)
  6. Add ad/banner alt text, status text etc.(if applicable) Make sure the 'size' option is filled in with the correct banner dimensions.
  7. Additional Data: Add any additional data such as keywords, comment etc (if applicable)
  8. Click Save Changes

Next Steps:

  1. After creating the banner, go back to Zones and then click on Linked Banners
  2. Using the drop-downs choose a campaign or banner to link to this zone. After you've selected the banner or campaign, make sure to click the little arrow (>) to the right.
  3. Then click on the Invocation Code tab, make sure the type is Asynchronous JS Tag
  4. copy and paste the ad code in the appropriate advertising section (i.e Leaderboard, Mobile Banner etc) in the SoCast Platform

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