RSS Element


  • This widget is being deprecated in February 2020

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have access to one/all of the following: pages, blogs, contests, and sidebars
  • This is applicable to: All themes


  • SoCast's RSS Widget displays posts from any RSS feed, including password protected feeds (as long as you have the password). 
  • RSS feeds are a great tool for displaying latest posts and news stories from your favorite websites.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Widget Name: This is the name of the widget showing in the Drag-And-Drop Editor. It will not be displayed on the website.
  2. Display Title: Choose whether you’d like to have the title displayed by clicking “Yes” or “No” from the drop-down menu
  3. Feed URL: This is where you enter the RSS feed URL that you have copied from a website
  4. Feed Username: This is optional. You can  provide a username to access a secured feed.
  5. Feed Password: Enter the password for a protected feed
  6. Format:  Choose the type of format for your feed.
    1. RSS: An RSS feed usually pulls viewers into a page that has a short paragraph with a "read more" link, that links to a full page
    2. NewsML: A NewsML feed usually pulls viewers into a page that displays a full article
  7. Target: Choose whether you want the articles displayed in the feed to open in the current window or a new window
  8. Items to Display: Set the number of articles you want to be displayed. We recommend multiples of 5.
  9. Allow Multiple Pages: Select "Yes" if you want to display a paginator once there are more than the set items to display, otherwise select "No"
  10. Click the Save button

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