Advertising Setup

  • All users who have: SoCast Advertising Permissions
  • This is applicable to all SoCast Themes


  • The word 'Advertisement' will appear as soon as ad code is saved in the ad slot.
  • We can’t offer the option to turn off the ‘Advertisement’ label in order to adhere to best practices and ethical standards (based on intended use). Google and Apple have been cracking down on bad ad practices in the last several years and so when legitimate website content cannot be clearly identified from ad content, it affects things like Google search ranking, etc.

These are in the instructions for setting up your advertising vitals.

  1. Go to:
  2. Enclose All Ad Code In Script Tags:  When enabled, this feature will wrap all website ad code in <script> tags. When disabled, it will render the ad code as-is without the <script> tags
  3. Display Ads Globally: This will turn the ads on/off globally. Choosing to disable the ads prevents them from being displayed on the website

There is no content with the specified labels