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Our new website-wide ticker option ensures that audiences are kept informed and up-to-date with the latest news throughout the entire website.

New custom text feature in all tickers can be used for custom or third-party notices, e.g. announcements, closures, weather advisories, government advisories, etc.

New style options allows you to tailor your tickers for specific uses.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Go to: Website > Content Elements > Tickers

  2. To create a ticker, click ‘add new’

  3. Enter a name for your ticker

Custom Text Content:

  1. Configure the custom text content for this ticker. All custom text items appear before any other type of content in the ticker.

  2. Enter one text item per line. To include a URL, use a double colon '::' as a separator, e.g. This is a line of text :: https://www.url.com.

Blog Content:

  1. Configure the blog content for this ticker. A maximum of 20 blog posts can appear in total.

  2. Blog Categories: Using the drop-down menu, select one or more blog categories to display blog posts from.

  3. To create a new blog category, click the ‘add new category' button

  4. To manage your blog categories, click the ‘manage categories’ button

  5. Hours To Auto Expire: Display all blog posts from the selected categories that are published within the selected number of hours. Leave as 0 (zero) to never expire.


  1. Configure the appearance of this ticker

  2. Background Color: Using the color picker, choose a background color for the ticker. Appears behind the ticker content.

  3. Text Color: Using the color picker, choose a color for your ticker text

  4. Ticker Text Size: Choose a size for your ticker text

  5. Ticker Label Text: Display a label that describes the ticker content. Leave blank to hide the label.

  6. Ticker Label Position: Sets the position of the ticker label relative to the ticker content.

  7. Once you are done creating your ticker, click the ‘save’ button.

Once you’ve created your Ticker, you will need to add it to the page you want it to appear on, by using the ‘Ticker Widget'. You can find out more on the ‘Ticker Widget’ here: https://socastsrm.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FAQ/pages/263028749