How Do I Create A Minisite Header?

This Article Is For:

  • All users who have the 'Manage Minisite Header' permission
  • This is applicable to: All themes

Minisite Headers allow for you to create a single page website within your current website. These are often used for sponsor pages or sponsored content, as well as Morning Shows.

Step-by-step guide

These are the instructions for creating a Minisite Header.

Note: Before creating a minisite (site within a site) please create all navigation pages for the minisite first.

  1. Go to Website > Website Structure > Minisite Headers
  2. Click 'Add New'
  3. Fill in the 'Minisite Header' required fields:
  4. Name: This is a required field. Used for backend purposes only
  5. Header image: Select a image from either your computer or the media library. Image width must be minimum of site width
  6. Display Header: Choose one of the following options:
    1. Yes
    2. No
  7. Navigation: This is where you select which pages you'd like to add to the minisite navigation (ex. Morning show host pages)
  8. Sidebar: Choose whether you'd like to display a sidebar on your minisite. You can choose one of the following:
    1.  Default Sidebar

    2. Use Account Sidebar

  9. Custom Header HTML: Add custom items here, e.g., Follow Us icons and links

  10. Custom Footer HTML: Add custom items here, contact us link etc

  11. Click 'save'