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  • For adding HTML/Script code: In the event editor description box, there's a button called "Source". Click  the "Source" button first then paste in the code.

These instructions are for adding a new event. To create an event calendar to add your event to, please visit: How Do I Create An Event Calendar?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to [Website > Event Calendar]
  2. Click the [Add Event]

  3. Fill out the required fields. Fields with * are required:
    1. Name: The name of your event

    2. Start Date: The date your event will start

    3. End Date: The date your event will end

    4. Publish Date: The date you wish to publish your event to the site

    5. Calendar: Create a new event calendar (See: How Do I Create An Event Calendar?)

    6. Venue: Where your event will be held

    7. Age: Set age restrictions for your event. *Note: This does not validate age.

    8. Price: How much it costs to get into your event

    9. URL to purchase: Add a URL to purchase tickets from

    10. Event URL: Link your event to a URL

    11. Description: A description for your event

    12. Picture: Add an image to go with your event. Click the Add From Media Library button.

    13.  Click the Save button

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